2020 Dodge Viper Roadster

2020 Dodge Viper Roadster

Latest reports suggest that the legendary supercar could come back after just a few years of break, as 2020 Dodge Viper Roadster. This iconic sports car has been around for full 28 years. For all these years, we have seen several versions of it, but the base design remained the same. It has always been a quite harsh sports car, with a monstrous V10 engine and sleek design. However, the company discontinued it last year, mostly because of new safety standards, but also because of declining sales numbers. Latest reports suggest it will come next year, to celebrate the 30th anniversary.


2020 Dodge Viper Roadster review

The rumored 2020 Dodge Viper Roadster is about to come with a bunch of new design solutions. The last version of America’s only true supercar has been around for a too long, so latest versions weren’t very competitive. This one is expected to come completely new. Interestingly, there is a great chance to see it riding on an Italian architecture. As a part of the FCA group, Dodge will probably borrow the platform from another upcoming sports car, Maserati Alfieri. While the new Alfieri will be a 2+2 coupe, new 2020 Dodge Viper Roadster will stick to its roots in terms of design. Also, we expect that the company will continue with familiar curvy lines and sleek profile.


2020 Dodge Viper Roadster interior

The interior of the new 2020 Dodge Viper Roadster is still a mystery. The only certain thing would say at the moment is that the new model will continue with two-seat layout and soft-roof. In terms of interior quality and equipment, we are pretty sure that the new model will prefer performances over luxury. So, don’t expect to see some luxurious cabin like in models such as Lexus LC or Mercedes-Benz GT. Key competitors of 2020 Dodge Viper Roadster should be more practical sports cars like Corvette, Nissan GT-R etc.


An engine is another mystery at the moment. So far, we heard few scenarios for the upcoming 2020 Dodge Viper Roadster. In both cases, we won’t see ten cylinders anymore, unfortunately. The new version will get a new naturally-aspirated V8, with a max output of around 550 horsepower. Still, this is significantly less power compared to the previous model. Another possibility is to see a new 7.0-liter V8 that the company develops for the new Ram truck. Last but not the least, there is a possibility to see some help of a supercharger. In practice, this would probably mean a familiar 2020 Hellcat engine with a displacement of 6.2liters and max output of 707 hp.

2020 Dodge Viper Roadster auto show

2020 Dodge Viper Roadster Release Date and Price

Most likely, the new 2020 Dodge Viper Roadster will come during the next year, when the company will celebrate the model’s 30th anniversary. However, we can’t say anything more precise at the moment. When it comes to the price, it all depends on the engine choice, we believe. Most likely, base models will go somewhere around $85K  to $90,000.


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