2020 Ford Baby Bronco

2020 Ford Baby Bronco

 In these days, most carmakers are focused on crossovers. Ford is not an exception at all. Moreover, the latest plans of the “blue oval” company for the U.S. market are mostly about SUVs and crossovers. The newest addition to the lineup will be a 2020 Ford Baby Bronco. This is a brand-new small crossover, which is about to make Ford more present in the segment of compact crossovers, where we already can find a model called Escape. The new model is about to come next year.


First of all, don’t be confused with the upcoming 2020 Bronco, which will be a classic body-on-frame SUV. The 2020 Ford Baby Bronco won’t be a truck-based vehicle. It will feature a unibody platform, the same that the company uses for the famous hatchback Focus. This is a new architecture, which serves in the same way as MQB does for Volkswagen. It will underprint pretty much all small and mid-size models in the future, thanks to its amazing modularity. We will see a lot of things in common with the upcoming next-generation Escape. Two models will share almost complete mechanics. On the other side, expect a completely different styling, which will most likely take an inspiration from the bigger, truck-based Bronco.


The interior of 2020 Ford Baby Bronco is still a mystery. Considering that the new model will have a lot in common with Focus and Escape, expect similar cabin layout. Still, some revisions are pretty much certain. Those tweaks will be numerous and should make 2020 Ford Baby Bronco more unique. Most likely, we will see some more dynamic approach, which should attract younger drivers. Besides new Baby Bronco, Ford plans to introduce another, even smaller crossover called Focus Active. This one will come in some kind of a crossover/station wagon combination. Considering this fact, it is easy to presume that the closest competitor will be the Subaru Outback, a model that actually established this class.


Considering the architecture, 2020 Ford Baby Bronco should use the same powertrain as new Focus and Escape models. This would mean four-cylinder units only. The main engine for this crossover should be a 1.5-liter EcoBoost unit, which comes in two output variants with either 150 or 180 horsepower. Expect to see a bigger 2.0-liter unit in the offer as well, most likely with a max output of 240 horsepower. Finally, some reports suggest even a diesel engine in the offer for the U.S. market. It should be a familiar EcoBlue 2.0-liter unit, which delivers around 150 hp. When it comes to transmission choice, expect both 8-speed automatic and 6-speed manual gearbox in the offer.

2020 Ford Baby Bronco Release Date and Price

The 2020 Ford Baby Bronco should arrive sometime in the next year, probably in second half. We still don’t know details about the price, though some reports suggest that base models will cost less than $30,000.


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