2020 Ford Bronco Officially Announced

Many people are not aware the fact that Ford Bronco was rumored all over the internet few years ago. It was firstly announced (but only as a rumor) as a 2014 edition, then 2015 and lastly as a 2016 Ford Bronco. Although it was not official that the Bronco will be made, these days, on 2017 Detroit Auto Show it was finally announced as 2020 Ford Bronco! Have Ford’s chefs read it on the internet and saw how popular it would be to make it or what actually happened, we don’t know. The crucial thing and what only matters is that Bronco will hit the market in 2019 or 2020. It is not a rumor anymore!

Revealed, but not that much

As it was said, it will be good for any purpose: city commuting, gravel roads and boulders. Of course, things like these are highly on demand with SUV’s, so we just can’t wait the year 2020 to see it on our roads and to see the real specs of the new 2020 Bronco. One thing that was really interesting is that we saw the sentence “coming globally by 2020” which means it will be easily available for people outside the United States of America.

With this news, Ford also gave away the information that the new Ranger will be produced as well. So, we will have two old buddies on the roads soon. This is the reason why nobody should miss the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Ford confirmed five new utility vehicles, so we now know only two of them – Bronco and Ranger. Let’s hope for more good news from Ford.

2020 Ford Bronco – a Midsize Off-road 4×4

2020 Ford Bronco will come as a midsize off-road four-by-four vehicle. It will probably have three doors and recognizable grille with huge “Ford” written across. Sadly, no official information about the specs, exterior and interior designs were revealed. Not even the concept photo was shown. One thing that was said by Joe Hinrichs is that the new 2020 Ford Bronco will be assembled at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in the U.S.

Patient is required

While Mr. Joe Hinrichs held his speech about Bronco, the pictures of rocky roads and off-road areas were shown behind him on the big screen. One more thing we found interesting, the audience was thrilled abnormally when they have got the information about the new Bronco. This means it will be one of the most successful cars ford will sell in the upcoming years. One more thing we know for sure is that we will have to wait for more information from Ford.

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