2020 Ford Mustang USA

2020 Ford Mustang USA

After the recent update, it looks pretty much for sure that 2020 Ford Mustang USA is about to continue in the same way. The sixth generation of the iconic pony car has received a facelift recently, so it should remain in the same for pretty much until the next redesign. Still, there is one big novelty to come for the next year. We are about to see a top-range GT 500 version of the current generation, finally. Expectations from this model are huge. It should come not just with plenty of power, but with many other new design solutions as well.


2020 Ford Mustang USA front

In terms of exterior design, the 2020 Ford Mustang won’t change a lot. The recent update has brought some nice subtle changes. There are novelties in various areas of the car, though the focus is on the front end. The Mustang is still the only model to use the S550 platform. We won’t see bigger changes on the chassis for sure, at least when it comes to current models. On the other side, the upcoming Shelby GT 500 is about to come with numerous chassis tunings, as well as with an upgraded styling, with plenty of new details.


2020 Ford Mustang USA interior

On the inside, the recent facelift has brought slight revisions on the dashboard. Other than that, the things have remained pretty familiar. This is a sports car, so you shouldn’t expect a lot of practicality on the inside. Despite two rows of seating, the rear bench isn’t very useful. When compared with other two iconic pony cars, Camaro and Challenger, the Mustang stands in the middle. It features better visibility, materials quality, and a larger trunk than Camaro. On the other side, Dodge Challenger is superior in terms of legroom, cargo space and also offers the best-designed infotainment system.


As you probably know, the current generation of this legend is finally offered worldwide. Models for U.S. and abroad markets are largely the same, though there are some differences in specs. This mostly refers to the base 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. For the North American market, this efficient engine delivers around 310 horsepower. On the other side, the rest of the world can count on 290 hp. Same goes for the large V8 unit. The famous Coyote delivers around 460 horsepower for the U.S. market. Finally, there is a GT 350 version, which comes with a new 5.2-liter naturally-aspirated V8, which is good for about 526 horsepower. The same engine should power new Shelby GT 500. It will get a help from a supercharger, so a max output will probably go around 650 horsepower.

2020 Ford Mustang USA review

2020 Ford Mustang the USA Release Date and Price

Expect to see 2020 Ford Mustang late in the next year. When it comes to price, base models are available at $26,000. The cheapest V8 models go around $35,000.


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