2020 Ford Taurus

2020 Ford Taurus

For more than three decades, this model was one of the Ford’s most popular sedans. In these days when the market is dominated by crossovers, it looks like the “blue oval” company simply doesn’t want to mess around with large sedans anymore, at least in North America. After 33 years and six generations, we won’t be seeing this sedan in North America anymore. However, the recently-introduced version for the Chinese market will march on. This version came two years ago, closely related to Ford Fusion, and it will continue without bigger changes for the next year.


2020 Ford Taurus back

While the U.S. version is close to its end of production, Chinese Taurus continues in the same way. This model has a lot in common with Fusion/Mondeo and we don’t expect bigger changes at the moment. Of course, there is one big difference compared to global sedans and that is longer wheelbase. Still, this is a pretty common thing for all manufacturers that offer their models on the biggest market in the world. Simply, those are preferences of Chinese drivers. In all other aspects, including styling, there are no bigger differences. This model follows the company’s current design language, characterized by sharpy hexagon grille with horizontal stripes and edgy headlights.


2020 Ford Taurus interior

On the inside, this sedan will have a lot to offer. Major carmakers don’t treat China as developing market anymore, so there are hi-quality materials on the inside, as well as a whole bunch of standard equipment. Simply, this model has plenty of trumps in its pocket, including the affordable price. Compared to German premium brands like BMW or Mercedes, it offers much more value for the money. However, it’s not the only mainstream model that comes with such a high level of convenience. There is a new Citroen C6, which offers a far superior level of comfort. Another strong competitor will be VW Phideon, which also has a lot to offer.


Speaking of the powertrain, there are three highly-potent gasoline engines in the offer. Base models now feature a 1.5-liter unit, which delivers around 180 horsepower. However, a 2.0-liter turbo inline-four seems like a better deal, since it offers 235 hp. Finally, if you’re for some V6 power, go for a 2.7-liter engine, which delivers full 330 horsepower. All models use the same 6-speed automatic transmission.

2020 Ford Taurus side

2020 Ford Taurus Release Date and Price

Considering that we probably won’t see bigger changes for the next year, the 2020 Ford Taurus should come in late 2019. The price seems pretty affordable considering the value. Transferred to USD, base models go around 32.000 dollars. Key competitors will be models like Citroen C6 and VW Phideon, but also models like BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.


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