2020 Honda HR-V Redesign

2020 Honda HR-V

2020 Honda HR-V is a proof that Honda has not given up on the famous model first made at the end of the 90’s. Knowing that Honda will change designs of every car from their factory in next couple of years, we can expect more surprises from this manufacturer. HR-V is just a first on the list of those who wait for their redesigns. According to the information from Honda and photos of the new car, we surely have what to see. Aside from the new interior equipment, there are few changes inside as well as in term of the outside design.


2020 Honda HR-V review

2020 Honda HR-V is slightly changed, but after the last redesigning from two years ago, there is no much space for changes in the new model, though. There are few details in the front fascia, sidelines and lights design, but that is only to show designers attempt to make the new model more modern and fashionable. There will be offered three trim versions, with new color pallet and 17-inch wheels. Besides that, the whole exterior has not been changed much so do not expect much difference from the last model. It is for sure that rear end will not have any changes at all.


2020 Honda HR-V interior

Even though cabin of the 2020 Honda HR-V does not have many color options as outside cover, there are many changes in design and devices put there. We know that Honda keeps the step with more expensive cars in the high-technology devices inside of the cabin, so there is no reason to not expect that this time, too. Interior design has not been changed in details, but it is noticed that there is much more space inside for five grown up passengers and seats are comfortable and covered with leather. Maybe the worst thing is gray and black color inside, which spoils the picture of modern designed car as we expect.

2020 Honda HR-V Engine

It seems that the engine in 2020 Honda HR-V will be exactly the same as on the last model. However, manufactory offers two engine options, but for two different markets. The European market will get a smaller 1.5-liter inline engine with 120 horsepower and 115 pound-feet of torque. US market, on the other hand, gets a stronger 1.8-liter inline model with 150 horsepower and 140 pound-feet of torque. Both models get a six-speed transmission with optional CVT or manual control. Although the basic model has a front wheel driving system there will be offered all-wheel system, too. There are rumors that there will be a hybrid version of the 1.5-liter engine.

2020 Honda HR-V back

2020 Honda HR-V Release Date and Price

As the 2020 Honda HR-V will be offered in two options for two different markets, the prices will be different for those markets as well. So, buyers from the Europe will get a cheaper version, while buyers in the US get more expensive one. Basic price should be around $20.000.


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