2020 Honda S2000

2020 Honda S2000

The amazing roadster is about to come back, according to the latest reports. This sports car was in production for about ten years, between 1999 and 2009. During a decade-long production, we have seen two generations of it. Latest reports suggest we are finally about to see a successor as 2020 Honda S2000. Several renowned car magazines suggested this comeback, though we are still waiting to hear some official statement from the company’s management. So far, we must rely on speculations only.


2020 Honda S2000 back

The new 2020 Honda S2000 carry on with a familiar design philosophy. It should come as a small roadster, which offers plenty of dynamics and amazing performances. Among car enthusiasts, this potential model is colloquially known as “baby NSX”, which indicates that the new model should borrow many design solutions from Acura’s supercar. This includes the styling as well. The new 2020 Honda S2000 should feature similar styling philosophy. Expect similar shape, just in a smaller package. When it comes to body style, this will be a roadster. Some reports suggest a Targa rood as well. We would say that some coupe version also seems possible. In terms of mechanics, expect a lot of racing approach. Most likely, this roadster will share many parts with Civic Type R, including suspension.


2020 Honda S2000 interior

On the inside, the 2020 Honda S2000 should be amazing as well. At the moment, we can’t say anything more precise. However, there is no doubt that the new roadster will come with a driver-oriented cabin, full of quality materials and advanced tech features. We are pretty sure that many design elements will mimic the new NSX supercar. There will be room only for two, but that is something we used from S2000. On the other side, expect a pretty generous list of standard features, which will put the new model above most competitors. Speaking of the competition, some of the potential rivals are models like Alfa Romeo 4C, Mercedes SLC, Audi TT, Porsche Cayman etc.


Once again, expect to see a lot of influence from the NSX. The new 2020 Honda S2000 should come with a hybrid powertrain. Most likely, a familiar 2.0-liter gasoline engine from Civic Type R will serve as a basis for the new system. It delivers around 305 horses and additional electric motors will make it even more powerful. The new model will definitely go under five seconds when it comes to 0-60 sprint.

2020 Honda S2000 front

2020 Honda S2000 Release Date and Price

At the moment, we are still waiting for the official confirmation of this model. So far, we can only rely on rumors that suggest 2020 Honda S2000’s arrival in a year or two. Same reports suggest a starting price of around $60K to $70,000.


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