2020 Jeep Quicksand Concept – At First Glance

2020 Jeep Quicksand Concept is a hot rod like a car from Jeep, as an example of the popular brand’s willing to make an unusual car for off-road challenges. Even though Jeep put the best and the fastest engine which they had for the great adventures on four wheels, it is still unusual and not usually seen the car on the street. The old fashioned look Jeep accomplished thanks to the details and the shape of the roof and sides while the inside, even still tight and not really comfort, represent the great match of the tradition and modern design.


At first glance, 2020 Jeep Quicksand Concept is not a pretty car and for the average buyer maybe too sharp. The second look shows the car which is more like the skeleton of the not finished car, which still waits for the top layer. It has an interesting front grille, with traditional gridded chromatic mesh and an interesting detail as a keg in front of it. The hood consists of the valve pipes in the middle of the flat metal. The front glass is very thin and small, but that is actually the only glass on this car because this Concept has no other windows. The feeling of the naked car fulfills the lack of the mudguards and literally side protection parts. The car has large 18-inch wheels and very small and low roof. Mudguards are absent at the rear wheels, too, and the rear end has visible springs and inner car parts.


Due to the flat roof, the cabin in 2020 Jeep Quicksand Concept is very small and tight, but still large enough for two average passengers. Knowing that this car is prepared for races and off-road driving, the size, and equipment of the cabin were not the first thing which designers had in mind while making it, so keep that fact in mind.


The eight pipes on the hood are not a coincidence; they are ends of the eight vents of the engine. The engine in 2020 Jeep Quicksand Concept has Hemi V8 with even 392 horsepower, paired with a Getrag six-speed automatic transmission.

2020 Jeep Quicksand Release Date and Price

Even though the average buyer could be rejected with the look of 2020 Jeep Quicksand Concept, it is not made for average buyer tough. Represented at the Easter Jeep Safari in the Moab, Utah this car is named for the people who enjoy in off-road driving, dirt, and dust and still want a good engine and fast speed. We just can stay by and watch how it became the most popular car for this class of the buyers.

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