2020 Mercedes AMG GT

2020 Mercedes AMG GT

The new model in popular Mercedes 2020 Mercedes AMG GT is actually a car being honored at a celebration 50 years of partnership between Mercedes and AMG company. The successful manufacturer and its partner surely have made a great with this cooperation, so the gift to their buyers should be the best of all. That is shortly announcing what to expect in this car, as in term in exterior design as well in term of engine power and strength. But, be prepared for a high price and surprise from the Mercedes, because this car has to be something special.


2020 Mercedes AMG GT side

Looking as that fast two-door sporty car 2020 Mercedes AMG GT will surely attract attention as the manufacturer wanted. The front grille is amazingly wide and massive, with interesting squares to cover the whole front mesh. The LED lights are added at the end of it, with very thin air intake below it, ending with big rounded holes. A piece of mesh intake is at the door of the car, where is also a deep line on the bottom of the doors, and the convex line at the top of the doors. Those lines follow the line of the car, making them long and thin, with the much longer front end and small and rounded rear end, with sporty taillights. The feeling of sportiness and massiveness fulfill the long list of new colors, which are interesting and attractive as the symbols of the truly sporty car.


2020 Mercedes AMG GT interior

There are no many expectations in term of cabin comfort, but 2020 Mercedes AMG GT still has large space inside for the passenger and driver. The luxury two contrast colors on leathered seats and quality plastic on the dashboard are complete with the rich high-tech infotainment system. However, Mercedes has not announced which of those things are actually in there, so we should wait for the next test driving.

2020 Mercedes AMG GT Engine

Expecting the best engine in the class, 2020 Mercedes AMG GT has not disappointed us with 4.0-liter V8 turbocharged with 550 horsepower and 552 pound-feet of torque in the basic model. Higher version obviously has stronger machines, but still as a variation of this model. The speed of 60 mph increases for 3.9 seconds, while the stronger engines do that much faster, for even 0.4 seconds.

2020 Mercedes AMG GT back

2020 Mercedes AMG GT Release Date and Price

And now, let say something about the surprise about the 2020 Mercedes AMG GT. Making it as the symbol of the 50th anniversary, Mercedes made only 50 units of it, so hurry up and reserve your model for $112,125 as the cost of the basic model.

Competitors: Porsche 911, Jaguar F-type, Chevrolet Corvette, BMW M6

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