2020 Pontiac GTO Rumors About 500 Horsepower

Releasing of the 2020 Pontiac GTO is a great surprise for those who all those years have believed that Pontiac will never make GTO model again. The reason is the inability to make the same interesting and strong car as Camaro, so namely, Pontiac has stopped production of this model. The rumors about the making and designing a new car are not confirmed yet, but there are lots of reasons to believe in them. Making the new GTO, lower and more massive than previous models from the Pontiac will not be easy, though, so it would be interesting to wait for the new information about it.


As we said, 2020 Pontiac GTO could not be easily made, especially if the rumors about the numerous novelties on them are true. Pontiac has to worry about the luxury, present on the other models in this class, but it could not be forgotten that this car must be aerodynamic and modern shaped, to support the look of the speed and strong futuristic car. It is hard to expect that designers, who have not changed practically anything in their models last few years, will not simply change the design and look of the car which was very popular in last years, but let be patient and wait for new information.


This time 2020 Pontiac GTO should have a combination of the sporty look and a luxury and expensive design and fabric inside of the cabin. Knowing that the market of the fast sports cars has been changed last few years, we should cross the fingers that Pontiac designers will not forget how the luxury fabric and high-tech equipment is important even the car is prepared for speed and fast accelerating. Comfort and enjoyment are must have on all models in the last couple of the years, so there are no reasons to not expect the same in new model from the Pontiac.


There is a belief that new Pontiac GTO will not go below the 500 horsepower of the strength in a new car, so 4.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine is highly expected in this car model. The same expectation is about the pairing with the new 10-speed automatic transmission for this engine. However, even though this model is expected to be a new fast machine from the Pontiac, they will not make the competition to their own model Corvette, so it should not be much stronger that other models they made last years.

2020 Pontiac GTO Release Date and Price

After all, we said, it is not hard to predict that 2020 Pontiac GTO should cost around the $50,000, which is a price for other cars from this manufacturer. However, we should wait for the 2019 or even 2020 for precise information and confirmation.
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