2020 Renault Alpine A110 – Made With Renault

2020 Renault Alpine A110

Are you eager to see new 2020 Renault Alpine A110 from Renault? Then you should have seen it at the Geneva Car Show in March 2018, but we do not need that occasion to find out how a new car will look like. Renault has been preparing this model for a long time and many photos and information has released about the new candy from his factory. Two great car manufacturers, Alpine and Caterham has been great friends in between 2012 and 2014, when suddenly discontinued cooperation, so this model is fully Alpine baby and surely one of the stars on the next car show.


2020 Renault Alpine A110 front

A brand new aluminum chassis and exhaust in the middle of the front end is pretty much all we can describe for now. Renault has sent his new model on a test drive this winter and many of photos taken then represent a model we have already been seeing on spy photos and rumors couple months ago. It seems that manufacturer wanted to keep the same look and impressions as in 70’s when this model has been shown for the first time, so besides small changes, it is the same model as before. Front lights are slightly sloped, while two fog lights are in between them, similar to those in previous spy photos.


2020 Renault Alpine A110 interior

New 2020 Renault Alpine A110 shyly keeps the interior hidden from our looks, but manufacturer promises surprises in that field, too. We expect needed comfort for drivers who like fast speed, but rich infotainment and entertainment system will not lack in new Alpine either.


Even though many rumors are not clear about the engine options for 2020 Renault Alpine A110, we can say that it will not betray our expectations. It will possibly be a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 250-300 horsepower of strength. Nothing new, we can say, because Renault has built this model in Clio couple years before. Tests say that it will be capable of increasing the speed to 60 mph for 4.5 seconds, enabled with the strong machine, placed in the middle of the lightweight aluminum vehicle. A dual-clutch automatic transmission, supported by rear wheels driving system obviously is a good solution for a fast and strong car as Alpine has to be.

2020 Renault Alpine A110 side

2020 Renault Alpine A110 Release Date and Price

Many other questions we wanted to ask can be answered only on some next car show, but it is already known that 2020 Renault Alpine A110 will be a new monster on the roads of Europe and America, but as we have heard, in Canada and Asia as well. The price is between $60,000 and $65,000.

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