2021 Rivian R1T

2020-rivian r1t lights

2020 Rivian R1T is very interesting small electric pick-up truck, made to be competition to Tesla Semi model, but more than competitive with other pick-up truck with petrol engines instead. However, the idea of producing a model like this is not new. We saw it for the first time in 2009, while the prototype was introduced in Los Angeles Auto Show in 2018.

The first question that people asked is which factory made the model. The answer was quite surprising. It is made in Mitsubishi plant in Illinois. It all makes sense now. Mitsubishi has planned to make an electric SUV or truck for a long time and this is actually a confirmation of their plans. However, Rivian is a new factory and a new brand that we will hear a lot in the future.


  • The car includes great high technology and design.
  • The price is among the lowest in the class.


  • The manufacturer has not said much about the technology in the cabin.
  • The cargo space and the cabin is a little smaller in spite of the dimensions of the truck.


2020 rivian r1t front

The design of the 2020 Rivian R1T is as much attractive as the size of it. The dimensions are much bigger than on the similar model, including Toyota Tacoma that is the first competitor. However, the shape of the truck is more than futuristic, with almost flat sides and bumpers but soft and rounded edges. It currently stands on 20-inch tires, and we suppose that it will be the case in the future too. The manufacturer has made an interesting experiment, wrapping the test models in a design similar to Ford F-150 so we’re not being able to see the right design until now. The lights are squared and small, with an LED line across the front bumper that lights green when the car is on the charger.


2020 rivian r1t interior

The cabin in 2020 Rivian R1T is large and very comfortable, with the great design of the seats and dashboard. However, the manufacturer has taken a lot from Tesla cars, making a futuristic and minimalistic designed cabin with luxury details. There is a large touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard but space is only for families and two adult passengers. The cargo space is isolated and included an extra small cargo below the rear seats for golf bags, for example. It is called “Gear Tunnel”.


2020 rivian r1t side

Knowing that 2020 Rivian R1T is an electric pick-up truck, we have been curious to know how much the manufacturer improved electric engine for the class. And the answer is amazing. There should be four engines to offer all of them will be the electric ones. The weaker option is a model that produces 413 pound-feet of torque and has 4.9 seconds acceleration time.

Stronger options are even better than this, and the highest version increases the speed of 60 mph for 3.2 seconds. To be honest, it is not only because of the great engine. It is also a great suspension and very lightweight merit. Thanks to the specialized shape of the car and angles, it has aerodynamic look that provides these numbers, too.

2020 Rivian R1T Release Date and Price

The price of 2020 Rivian R1T sounds a little higher than we expected at first glance. It should be $100,000 for the base model. However, it is not that high if we have in mind Tesla cars and their prices. Expect the model later this year.

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