2020 Suzuki Swift Sport Review

As we have been informed, the Japanese company is about to present more powerful and efficient as well as quicker and stronger version of the current Swift Sport. The new 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport will also be more eco-friendly and with few external and internal changes, it will appeal to everyday customers and fans of this model. It will also be cheaper to buy and run.


The new Swift Sport will feature a lighter chassis. Short wheelbase and wide track will ensure an excellent stability and confident control at high speeds. Some of the innovations include the hidden rear door handle. With its recognizable grille and headlights, the new 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport will have a sharper design and sportier look than the current model. Its sporty body kit features boot spoiler, rear spoiler, twin exhaust pipes, automatic lights and wipers and large wheels. The weight, as we have got the information, will be reduced. The base model will be equipped with 17-inch wheels.


Inside, a driver can get a very comfortable cabin. It will be spacious enough for four adult passengers. We can notice the neat and simple design with the seats that simply ‘hug’ your body. As most sports cars, Swift Sport seats have side support which offers more body grip controls during the maneuvers. There is also a three-spoke steering wheel and a digital multifunctional display with numerous options. Some of the innovations include the new Safety Packages such as DSBS (Dual Sensors Brake Supports). The 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport offers you cruise control, automatic emergency breaking, climate control, DAB radio, satellite navigation and many more features.


As we have already mentioned, the new Swift Sport will be more eco-friendly with lower CO2 emissions and cheaper running costs. This is the result of new turbocharged 1.4-liter engine. Suzuki already has such an engine, and it sells it in Vitara S. While the range of power will be from 136-145 hp, the torque jumps from 118lb ft to 162lb ft. It can be noticed that the everyday performance will be improved significantly. The 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport comes with high performance breaking system and manual gearbox updated from five to six speeds. It is expected to use a front-wheel-drive configuration. This model could hit 0-60mph in less than 8.0 seconds.

2020 Suzuki Swift Sport’s Release Date and Price

The regular Swift was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March, 2019. It means that we will have to wait a bit if we want to see the new 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport in showrooms. The price will be low enough for its faithful customers to afford it. It is expected to stay close to the current model’s price which starts from $13,999. This sporty and efficient Japanese is supposed to appear in the second half of 2017.

Suzuki Swift Sport Competition

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