2020 Toyota Supra – makes dynamic debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed

2020 Toyota Supra

So, the day is finally here, we waited too long for this to happen and now the Supra looks like it is outdated, but that will not set it back because many fans are getting ready to get their hands on new 2020 Toyota Supra. The source calls it “A90” but we all know that it is Supra and it is coming to the big doors.

2020 Toyota Supra – All You need to know

There were not many undercovers on the 2020 Toyota Supra under the thin cover at the last test driving. It is quite clearly visible what is new in the interior, or at the front and rear end, and even the exterior of the car can be described only with the spy photos made during that test. They show something similar to the other cars from this manufacturer, like the Ft1 concept, while many things are obviously has been changed. But, let start with the describing.


2020 Toyota Supra side

It seems that 2020 Toyota Supra has the similarity with the Ft-1 concept in term of the design (or it is just the same – my opinion), especially looking the front end and lights embedded there. It looks very fat and not sleek as a show car. They are also thin and curved to fit in the same designed front end as on the Ft1, but there are many differences either. The front end is much rounded and lowered than on concept, with smaller air intakes on both sides of the front end and a vague appearance of the grille. The rear end will be recognizable with brake lights, still unfinished and interesting upturned spoiler with the chubby roof lowered at the end. The side of the car has a visible dent and a line which goes from the front to the rear end.


There are no much visible things about the inside of the 2020 Toyota Supra, but let say that we saw a sporty steering wheel and interesting, or we should say an impressive infotainment touchscreen through the window of the driver during the test driving. But that is nothing unexpected from the manufacturer as Toyota is. We also saw a recessed board behind the steering wheel with an obviously large information screen. That is pretty much all we can say for now about the cabin of this car.

2020 Toyota Supra back


As always with Toyota cars, we expect much from the engine in 2020 Toyota Supra, especially when we know that Toyota made this with BMW and it will be the same in BMW Z4. It is for sure that the new 2020 Toyota A90 Supra will have a front, inline-6 engine and rear-wheel-drive layout, with around 340hp, and 1500kg. There is possibly a hybrid version of the engine and many improvements in term of protection like new fiber brakes and well-controlled acceleration. That means that Toyota goes further than with Ft1 concept, but still so many details learned about that model are not seen in this version. Tha transmission is automatic, and the manual is still up in the air.

Engine Update:

We found the latest information that the engine of the new Toyota Supra will be 4-inline turbo engine, and that previous mentioned inline-6 engine will not be put in Supra. Is it bad or good we will see.


2020 Toyota Supra review

2020 Toyota Supra Conclusion and the Price

If you want to become an owner of this car, you should be prepared for a price of around $40,000 for the basic model (this is just a rumor it is not officially confirmed), but to be honest as Toyota drags out the long-awaited return of the Supra, we have to be patient to come in, and it not surprise me if the price will be near $100K.

Source: Motorauthority

2020 Toyota Supra
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