2020 Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept

Toyota is famous by their brave moves with concept car designs. 2020 Toyota Tj Cruiser will be presented at the Tokyio Motor show this year. As the dates are near, we are speculating the outlook of the new Tj Cruiser concept and here is what we think it will be like.


2020 Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept will be the continuation of Toyota’s sharp design and the car will look too “boxy” to somebody. The boxy design is not that odd, as someone may think. Toyota has always been the pioneer in car design and sometimes they trully did fail by the means of the majority. Let’s say Toyota Prius, for an example. The author of these lines does not care about the design and thinks that the reliability of the vehicle is what is the most important. 2020 Toyota Tj Cruiser concept will carry on with the odd design pattern with this square-shaped cabin. It is going to be totally unique and you will either love it, or hate it. The brave design of Toyota’s new concept car will appear to many as the van, but it will be a smaller vehicle. Narrow windows will add to the modern line of the new Tj Cruiser Concept. Two-color body is what is modern these days and Toyota’s designers knows it very well. The trunk door will be painted in different color than the rest of the car.


The square shape adds to the vast space inside the Tj Cruiser. Rear doors are sliding ones, so the opening area is big to load big luggage. Both front and rear seats (except driver’s) can be folded to be flat with the floor, so some long objects could be stored to the cabin (surfboards, scaffolding, etc.). The interior is robust and not that much luxurious, but Toyota will not let you down when it comes to the materials used to manufacture the interior of the new Tj Cruiser concept. Something what we find interesting is the steering wheel, which looks a lot like Fiat’s in the model 500X that was sold few years ago in the United States of America and nearly nobody liked it.


It is not yet known for sure what is the engine Toyota will use in the Tj Cruiser concept, but we will keep you informed. It is probably going to be a 2.0-liter engin with the hybrid technology. The reason to this is the tax in most countries for big engines, so Toyota seemingly aims to these markets, as well. It is known that both front wheel and four wheel drive will be available to the market. The consumption should not exceed some average for the class, because of the weak and hybrid engine. One more thing, hybrid engines are known for better mileage on long trips, not in urban driving.

2020 Toyota Tj Cruiser interesting facts

The “T” in the name stands for “Toolbox” and the “j” stands for “joy”. This car, therefor will be set as a multifunctional vehicle that can be used both for work and for long family trips.

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