2021 Buick Grand National

2021 Buick Grand National front

2021 Buick Grand National has serious demand for the future – to change the design and appearance of the well-known and accepted car and make it modern and attractive. It will not be easy since we are used to seeing this great sporty and elegant machine for more than 30 years always in similar editions. That is actually the reason for changing the design and putting something better and redesigned for the future.

Not only that the model has to be redesigned, but it also has to beat the extremely strong competition and fulfill all new market demands. According to the photos, it will not put us back to ’80s as before, but it retains popular details and appearance.


  • The model is redesigned and has modernized design.
  • There are changes in the engines


  • The price could be much higher than we expect.
  • There are no defined changes in technology so far.


2021 Buick Grand National front

The famous similarities with Cadillac CTS are visible and even obvious in 2021 Buick Grand National, too. However, the car is a mix of the sportiness and luxury that we used to see on these models before. Grand National has to be a sporty car in the future, too, being a brand that has made the NASCAR popular in 1982.

The same sporty design will be visible in the new model again. It should be even more athletic and aerodynamical, with the changed shape of the hood and curved lines all above the car. The model should be made as two-door coupe and four-door with needed differences in length. The rear end of the car could recall on new Toyota Supra, but with much softener lines and edges. There is also a great change roof of the car that is more rounded now.


2021 Buick Grand National inteiror

Although there are no shared information nor photos of the cabin inside of 2021 Buick Grand National, we predict significant changes in that field, too. We expect upgrades in technology as always, but the design of the cabin is more interesting. Fans expect that the cabin will be more driver-oriented, following the main usage and experience of the car, while technology and infotainment controlling system should make watching on the road easier. The manufacturer also said that the car should have better driving clearance than before.


2021 Buick Grand National rear

It is highly expected that the manufacturer will change the engines that come in 2021 Buick Grand National since the last models are out of date and surely not much competition as they want. According to expectations and rumors, it should be at least two engines that are offered in this model. The smaller version is the 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 250 horsepower.

The stronger model should be turbocharged, and that is a well-known 3.5-liter V6 turbocharged engine with at least 400 horsepower. Although nobody clearly confirmed the transmission that should come with this car, we expect something like eight-speed automatic one that has been proven as the best combination.

2021 Buick Grand National Release Date and Price

You surely want to know how much the car like 2021 Buick Grand National could cost. According to the manufacturer, it should not cost less than $35,000. Unfortunately, this is the price for the base model only, while the highest trim options could be much higher. Let say that the highest number could be even $60,000. Releasing date is later in 2020.

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