2021 Dodge1500 Hemi

2021 Doghe 1500 hemi front

Although 2021 Dodge 1500 Hemi has not been changed in design, there are changes in term of the speed and engine efficiency that are worthy of mentioning. The manufacturer has a hard job to do in order to make fast, strong but economical truck and the combination of those wrap in attractive and modern design.

We cannot be sure that they have fully achieved it, but let us say that they have made a better version of the model than last year. Thanks to the lightweight materials, like aluminum, and green option under the hood it could be highly competitive in years to come.


  • The model is very attractive and competitive in design.
  • The engines that come with it as optional are hybrids.


  • There are not clearly defined prices and trim versions yet.
  • The cabin has not been designed and finished so far.


2021 Doghe 1500 hemi lights

The design of the 2021 Dodge 1500 Hemi has not been significantly changed from the last year. However, there are a few changes in details that are not for aesthetic purposes only. You will see the attractive sloped hood and aggressive but soft front end. Both are perfect for increasing speed. Since the vehicle is made of aluminum, it has great weight for this size truck.

We expect similarities with the vehicles in “1500 models” series so you will see that Dodge does not look much different from Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or Ford F-150. However, the manufacturer has made a model that will be attractive to a little softener audience, so do not be surprised with the look closer to Nissan Titan. It is especially visible on the front end.


2021 Doghe 1500 hemi interiro

We already mentioned that 2021 Dodge 1500 Hemi is made to be competitive with more commercial trucks, so the cabin is far from the rough and simple cabins that we used to see in trucks. It is made of quality materials, designed to be luxury and elegant and comfortable even for families if it is needed.

There is an 8-inch touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard with optional increases in the size of it in higher trims. So far we know that they will put brand new air conditioning that leads to possible upgrades in entertainment technology.


2021 Doghe 1500 hemi side

The most expected engine that could be found under the hood of 2021 Dodge 1500 Hemi is a 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar petrol model that produces 306 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque. Not only that it is commonly used the engine in large trucks, but it is also a great base model for an electric upgrade.

When we mentioned electric engine as an upgrade, there could be found a 48-volt electric powered motor as an addition to this so both should make a hybrid version of it.

It will surely increase the speed and torque, providing a perfect green option even for the most devoted heavy trucks lovers. For us, though, the most interesting is 5.7-liter Hemi engine that produces 395 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque, but with electric addition, it could get an additional 130 pound-feet of torque. Both engines come paired with the ten-speed transmission.

2021 Dodge1500 Hemi Release Date and Price

The clear releasing date that manufacturer predicted when 2021 Dodge 1500 Hemi is about has not clearly announced yet. Most likely we should wait to the end of 2019 for more information. The price is also not known, but let us say that it could be around $30,000 which is the average price for the class.

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