2021 Dodge Avenger


2021 Dodge Avenger could be the last model that this factory will make, so hurry up and reserve your sample! According to rumors (but not that wrong predictions), this version will be the last one that the manufacturer will make.

After the model is made, they could withdraw it from the market and orient on family sedans and SUVs. That is why we expected significant changes in design and engine type, which, to be honest, did not happen. More likely, the Avenger will go without much fanfare, quietly and easy.


  • The model is modern and straightforward, with functional aerodynamics.
  • There are two optional economic engines in offer.


  • The cabin equipment is not impressively different.
  • The manufacturer could withdraw the model from the market after this version.


2021 Dodge Avenger Exterior

The 2021 Dodge Avenger has not significantly changed the design from last year’s model, including recognizable front end, with a full, squared mesh grille and metallic cross over it. The lights could be slightly redesigned and a little sharper and narrowed, but the other parts of the front bumper are almost the same.

The car contains the same aerodynamic shape of the chassis and maybe a little sharper angle, especially on the rear end. Otherwise, the car is the same as before, meaning competitive with Kia Optima and models in the class.



The cabin in 2021 Dodge Avenger could beat up the most popular models in class, like Hyundai Sonata, mostly with leather on the seats and broad dashboard with modernly designed buttons. Thanks to a good position and angle of it, the car looks like it has more space in the cabin. When it comes to the technology, they have placed a 7-inch touchscreen in the center and 2 USB ports for connection.



There are no changes in the engine from last year’s model since 2021 Dodge Avenger should not experiment with the novelties and changes. There are two engines that you can order with this model.

The first one is the base model, a 2.4-liter V6 petrol unit with 274 horsepower (or maybe a little more than that). On the other hand, higher trims could get a 3.6-liter V6 version with more strength and better fuel economy.

When it comes to the economy, both engines are above the competitors, like Ford Fusion in that field. The highest consumption is 32 mpg, which is much better than the competitors’ offer. The manufacturer has also prepared a model that protects the environment.

2021 Dodge Avenger Release Date and Price

If you want to be the proud owner of the last 2021 Dodge Avenger, you should prepare at least $21,000 for it, or slightly more if you’re going to order all additions and equipment they offer. The model should be on the market at the beginning of the last year. With all we saw on the official site, they will provide the best they can for this class of the car.

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