2021 Dodge Rampage

2021 Dodge Rampage

2021 Dodge Rampage could be one of those models that you can use for both family vacation and driving on very rough terrains if you are more likely for adventures. On the other hand, the model is capable of using in city driving thanks to good fuel consumption and pretty design.

However, new buyers could surprise with it’s a little robust shape and design, in combination with the impressive details and modern bumpers. The best of it, the price is not much higher from the competition.


  • The model is modernly designed and very attractive.
  • The engine is powerful and economical.


  • The cabin is not impressive.
  • The model has a weird little design that will not attract every buyer.


2021 Dodge Rampage Exterior

It is hard to describe the 2021 Dodge Rampage and even harder to compare with the competition. It could be in the same class with models like Toyota Tundra, or Ford F-150, but only in aims and possible usage of the truck.

Otherwise, it is hard even to put the model at the same place as them. It has the attractive shape of the chassis, rounded edges, and short front end. Thanks to the details in the rear end, it is not one of those boring models in the trucks’ class.


2021 Dodge Rampage Interior

Maybe at first glance, the cabin in 2021 Dodge Rampage looks a little old-fashioned, with too often used colors and details, but it is also vast and comfortable, even for this class of the cars.

However, the manufacturer has improved it with massive parts made of chrome and rounded shape of the dashboard. When it comes to technology, we know for the standard equipment, like Wi-Fi, USB ports, and improved navigation.


2021 Dodge Rampage Engine

People who drive large trucks, like 2021 Dodge Rampage and consider buying the new one is not that much interested in choosing between two or more options. The manufacturers know for that and do not spend much time in making two or more options.

On the other hand, it allows them to invest all sources in one engine and improving it to the best levels. In this model, we buyers get a 5.7-liter V8 petrol engine that offers not only excellent driving performances but also excellent fuel economy.

According to official information, it is 15/18 mpg. The engine produces around 350 horsepower combined with five-speed automatic transmission. It is much better than the Honda Ridgeline offers.

2021 Dodge Rampage Release Date and Price

If you want to have a sporty, robust large truck for an acceptable price, you should consider buying 2021 Dodge Rampage. Not only that, you will get an attractively designed truck, a large cabin.

And also the right technology in the cabin; you will get high engines with fantastic economic consumption. All for the price of $35,000, which could increase for $10,000 if you use all additions and equipment it offers.

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