2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid

2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid

2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid comes as small, but well-equipped minivan, with few upgraded high-technology devices and surely one of the best hybrid engines on the market. The model is not large, but still very attractive and economical.


  • The model has a great economical hybrid engine.
  • There is a great comfortable cabin.


  • The manufacturer has not changed the design and size of the model.
  • The price is too high, even for the hybrid model.


2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid Exterior

There are no expected changes in dimensions of the 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid, although it considers being a favorable minivan with not quite large dimensions. Although it is made on the same platform as Ford Focus, the feeling of the largeness comes from the design of it.

Thanks to the sloped roof and rounded trunk it looks like larger vehicles from the class. The manufacturer will not change the design significantly, keeping the same shape of the front end with small, but functional grille and front lights.


2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid Interior

The small size of the car, though, does not affect the comfort and elegance inside of the 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid. It has a good design of the seats, in higher trims covered with the leather and spacious front row for the driver and so-driver.

On the other hand, the rear row is not quite comfortable, obviously tight due to the small size of the vehicle. You should know, however, that the manufacturer has not wanted to make a model that will be fully used for family driving, but more for couples and small children.


2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid Engine

Although the rumors about the withdrawing the model with the hybrid engine have not stopped, we are sure that the manufacturer will not skip this chance to be as functional as “green” enough to make the model attractive to young buyers. Even the design of small, cute and attractive minivan that looks like a hatchback, the design of 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid somehow points at the daily driving of the car in city crowd without more CO2 emission than it is needed.

For those who have not believed in that, there will be a hybrid model, as a combination of a 2.0-liter four-inline engine and an electric battery. The strength of the model is around 190 and it has 130 pound-feet of torque. The fuel economy is around 45 miles per gallon, which is an impressive number taking in mind that the model is not a full-electric car.

2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid Release Date and Price

The manufacturer has not said much about the price for 2021 Ford C-Max Hybrid, although the price for the base model is known. Since the base model with a petrol engine costs around $25,000, we expect that the hybrid model should have the price of at least $5,000 more. It is quite expensive for this size of the vehicle, but on the other hand, the model is fully equipped, modernly designed and has a highly economical hybrid engine, which should be enough to justify the price.

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