2021 Ford C-Max

2021 Ford C-Max

2021 Ford C-Max is one of the minivans that undergoes many changes over the years, but continues as smallest minivan on the market, with surely great equipment and technology inside. This time the manufacturer has not changed it a lot, offering only a few improvements in the cabin.


  • The model has great equipment in the cabin.
  • The cabin is small but fully equipped and comfortable.


  • There are no improvements in the design.
  • The price is too high for this size of the car.


2021 Ford C-Max Exterior

Looking from the outside, 2021 Ford C-Max looks like a small crossover, with dimensions of the hatchback. Even the car looks small, the manufacturer has not said much about changing the dimensions, claiming that it will be smaller but still functional.

The front end looks the same like on Ford Focus, which is not accidentally an older brother of the model. Since the manufacturer has used the same platform for both models, the car has the same dimensions. That is why front end looks so familiar, actually taken from the Focus, with small trapezoidal grille and large front lights. The sloped roof and rounded trunk door provide the shape of the minivan that they wanted.


2021 Ford C-Max Interior

The dimension of the cabin in 2021 Ford C-Max could be a problem for the future buyers, especially if they consider selling it under name of the family minivan. However, the manufacturer itself has not claimed that it will be a car for families, but mostly for the couples or eventually families with one small kid.

Let us say that besides that, the model is not that bad, in dimensions nor design. It still has great, modernly designed and comfortable seats, wrapped in leather on customers’ demand and plenty of space for driver and passengers behind.


2021 Ford C-Max Engine

Since the most attractive in models like 2021 Ford C-Max is the engine that moves them, we are sure that the combination of the petrol and a hybrid engine as optional is more than good for this range. However, the rumors claim that Ford has not satisfied with the hybrid engine that they have offered before, so it could be removed from this version when it finally arrives.

However, the petrol model comes with a strong and trustworthy 1.6-liter EcoBoost model that produces 150 horsepower and 200 pound-feet of torque. Although fuel economy has not been shared for this model, we expect good numbers, as well as the planned hybrid engine, has.

2021 Ford C-Max Release Date and Price

Although small, 2021 Ford C-Max is a great car for family usage, with good equipment and greatly designed cabin. That is why the price is a little too high for a small car like this.

With the starting price of $25,000 that could go up to $28,000, it is among the expensive models in the class. On the other hand, equipment and design surely promise great adventures for future buyers.

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