2021 Ford Courier Pickup Truck

2021 ford courier lights

2021 Ford Courier is a small pick-up truck that represents a new generation of the model under this name. It should be a smaller version of the Ford Ranger, as far we have concluded after test driving. However, there are significant changes in design and surely usage of the truck, so we will be careful with predictions.

The last model Courier was withdrawn in 2002, while the South Africa market enjoyed in the model for a while, until the factory was not stopped the selling of the model there, too, in 2014. Not only that this name is coming back, but it will also obviously be different.


  • The model has changed the usage from minivan to the pick-up truck.
  • The price of the vehicle is very favorable.


  • There are no expected changes in the engine.
  • The model is not finished yet.


2021 ford courier front

2021 Ford Courier should be much different from the model that brought this name before. It should be a shorter version of Ford Ranger, with two or four doors and more likely as minivan or hatchback. It should be made on the C2 platform that Ford currently uses for Ford Focus. The manufacturer has decided to make it from one piece of steel, so it will have a recognizable unibody design. We were not being able to see precisely how the lights and bumpers will look like, but they should be soft and rounded on the edges.


2021 ford courier interior

Wrapping the 2021 Ford Courier in thick camouflage on the previous test driving, the manufacturer has not left many clues about the design of the interior of the vehicle. More likely that we will be able to see it as currently designed cabin, with few upgrades and changes. It should be offered as two and four-door model, as regular and long bed option. However, the mode should have similarities with the Ford Focus models.


2021 ford courier rear

There are few serious predictions about the 2021 Ford Courier’s engine. It is most likely that this model will have an EcoBoost engine, meaning stronger and more effective engine than before. However, the European market could have something softener, like 1.5-liter or 2.0-liter EcoBlue model that is more favorable for their roads. It is not known so far if they are planning to make a hybrid version of any of their engines for Courier.

However, Ford will make a hybrid engine for the next generation of Ford F-150 so there are high chances that something like that will be seen in Courier, too. There will be probably found a diesel engine, too. The engine should be matched with the 8-speed automatic transmission, and you will be able to order the all-wheel driving system.

2021 Ford Courier Pickup Truck Release Date and Price

Being a small pick-up truck, 2021 Ford Courier should have a very favorable price. Experts predict that it could be $19,000 for the base model. The model should be on the market during 2020, but the final version of it as well as trims will be known later. So far we know that there could be a small, unibody pick-up truck with impressive shape and design.

The model should be made in Mexico and along with the US, Europe and Asia should have their versions of it. It is obvious that Courier targets different audience of usual Courier’s buyers. Do not forget that the previous model was a hatchback that grown in a minivan. This time it will be a more practical vehicle.

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