2021 Ford Ecosport

2021 Ford Ecosport

2021 Ford Ecosport looks like a new model that this factory releases, but it exists in some countries since 2012 when the first version released in Brazil. This time it comes as a modernized version of this small crossover for a favorable price and great equipment that many larger models can be proud of.

ccording to the design and appearance, we predict a long selling period, and surely great buyers’ reactions. The manufacturer has not forgotten the safety system, as well as technology that should be used here, so it could be a great model for the young buyers in the future.


  • The model is made to be modern and attractive to young buyers.
  • It has impressively strong engines under the hood.


  • There are no chances that this model could get a hybrid engine.
  • The model is small for the typical hatchback.


2021 Ford Ecosport Exterior

Since the platform that the manufacturer has used for 2021 Ford Ecosport is the same as for Ford Fiesta, it should not be a large and long vehicle as we expect from the crossover. It is for sure small, but cute hatchback vehicle, sportier than Mazda CX-3, but smaller than Honda Kona. Do not expect boring flat lines like on current European models. It will be modernized and more attractive.


2021 Ford Ecosport Interior

Although small, the cabin in 2021 Ford Ecosport should be useful and practical as well as attractive for new buyers. The manufacturer will surely put new Sync 3 system there, and the safety system used in previous models made in this factory. The design of the model will surely be attractive and modern, and with adaptive cruise control and parking assistant is should be even more interesting for future users.


2021 Ford Ecosport Engine

For the small model like 2021 Ford Ecosport, the engine should not be significantly strong. It is enough to put the 1.0-liter EcoBoost model that produces at least 85 horsepower that could reach the number of 140 horsepower in some versions.

European buyers could get 2.0-liter petrol version and even 1.5-liter EcoBlue diesel engine with 100-120 horsepower. One of those versions or all of them could come with automatic transmission and as an all-wheel driving system on demand. Unfortunately, there are small chances that this vehicle could be a hybrid due to the small size of the chassis and lack of space for the battery.

2021 Ford Ecosport Release Date and Price

As we expect, 2021 Ford Ecosport will firstly be released in Europe, and then in the US. The time gap between them should not be much wide than we expect. It could be only a few months between.

However, the most important is that this model brings great changes and improvements and fulfills the seriously important part of the market in both continents. After them, other parts of the world could be pleased with the baby like this. The price is not known yet, but we expect that it could be around $20,000.

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