2021 Ford F-450

2021 Ford F-450

It is expected that 2021 Ford F-450 comes as changed and slightly redesigned model. Since the manufacturer has changed the whole F-series, as well as other manufacturers in class we expected that Ford will not wait for a long time to change it. On the other hand, the changes that they have made are not that impressive that we expected. The changes in design will be limited by the recognizable shape of the truck, while the current engine could be replaced by a new one.


  • The truck is impressively redesigned and modernized in design.
  • There are updates in the engine.
  • The cabin is better and modernized.


  • The prices are upgrades by the changes.


2021 Ford F-450 Exterior

As we were able to see, 2021 Ford F-450 will be redesigned as the whole line of the trucks with great upgrades in the details. The factory in Michigan has planned to change the whole F-series and made prototypes to show in which way that change will go. F-450 will surely be more like Ram 3500 HD, but with larger front grille and impressive changes in height, mostly thanks to the large tires. The model also gets new LED lights, wider bumpers, and soft edges, especially on the rear end.


2021 Ford F-450 Interior

The change in the cabin of 2021 Ford F-450 will not affect the equipment that much as the design. As the opposite of the current model and other models in the class, the new truck comes as modernized and in some way softener and more attractive. The cabin will not be that cubic as usual and the dashboard will not be a simple panel that controls function, but more like modern dashboards in crossovers. When it comes to technology, there are numerous upgrades in safety systems and controls.


2021 Ford F-450 Engine

2021 Ford F-450 should get a functional and useful engine. Future buyers will be able to choose between a 6.7-liter V8 diesel engine which comes with the base model and 6.2-liter V8 fuel engine as the stronger and economical engine. Both engines come with 10-speed automatic transmission. The best in this engine is that it will increase towing capacity, which is surely the best chance that buyers will be interested in.

2021 Ford F-450 Release Date and Price

The price of 2021 Ford F-450 will not be much higher than the price of the current model. It means that the base model should cost around $55,000 with an optional upgrade up to $88,000. Unfortunately, those upgrades are in size and style of the truck, so you will be able to choose among Double, Single, and Crew Cab and other similar variants. Releasing date is somewhere in the middle of the next year.

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