2021 Ford F-650

2021 Ford F-650

It was time to see redesigned 2021 Ford F-650 and it will surely be an impressive change for the whole class of the trucks. The whole line of the trucks will change the design, while the model will surely be significantly updated and modernized, even in design. Since the last redesign happened in 2016, this will be mid-cycle redesign. Yet, the changes that they have announced in design and under the hood surely attracted our attention.


  • The model is larger and upgraded in design.
  • The cabin is modernized and more attractive.
  • There are new engines.


  • There are no changes in the design of the truck.


2021 Ford F-650 Exterior

As we said, the changes in the design of 2021 Ford F-650 are in details and not that significant as we expected. However, do not forget that it is only a mid-cycle redesigning, so the model will not have large differences from the last year model. Even though the model belongs to the heavy-duty class, like GMC Sienna or Chevrolet Silverado, it is larger and impressively modern. The prototypes that the manufacturer has shown has the wider front bumper, larger chromatic grille and visible changes in the shape of the lights.



Although made for a heavy-duty truck, the cabin inside of 2021 Ford F-650 looks like in pickup trucks or even commercial crossovers. The manufacturer has upgraded the infotainment system and safety system like line departure warning, driver alert system and Co-Pilot 360 technology. The cabin itself is modernly designed and very comfortable, with new seats and quality materials that are used there.


2021 Ford F-650 Engine

Maybe the old buyers will be satisfied with the current 6.8-liter V10 engine that has proved its efficiency and strength. However, if you are not interested in that type of the engine you can choose the new one, 7.3-liter V8 which should be able to produce 450 horsepower. Not only that it will be strong, but maybe more efficient than the current one.

For those who are more with diesel engines, there will also be offered the same 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel engine which will have at least 450 horsepower and 935 pound-feet of torque. All engines will come paired with the 10-speed automatic transmission and 6-speed automatic transmission as the base model.

2021 Ford F-650 Release Date and Price

2021 Ford F-650 is not the only model in this line and class, but surely one of the famous F-series that will undergo impressive changes for the next year model. It will not significantly affect the price. It should be around $50,000 with optional upgrades that will increase the price. This change is only one in line that will happen in years to come.

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