2021 Honda CRV

2021 Honda CR V lights

Although the manufacturer has not precisely said much about the possible changes in 2021 Honda CR-V, it seems that it will be significantly changed for next year. The reason is mostly because of the strong competition that increased in the past few years.

However, it is not fully redesigning of the model. More likely it will be a mid-cycle upgrade so this compact crossover could follow the competition. When it comes to the changes, those are mostly in the design of the car, with great novelties in the cabin size and comfort and upgraded technology. Engine, as well as the overall look, should not be significantly changed this time.


  • The model is large and useful for heavy-load and passengers’ comfort.
  • There are two practical and economical engines under the hood.


  • There are no novelties in the technology or engines.
  • The model is not fully redesigned, although significantly changed for a long time.


2021 Honda CR V front

2021 Honda CR-V basically follows the trends and novelties that whole class demands. Although we concern the car still too small for the class, it could freely compete with Mazda CX-5 as before. The front end is not that wide and attractive as on Mazda, but it retains the recognizable trapezoidal shape, separated on two with wide chromatic line and logo in the middle.

The rear end, on the other hand, has rounded and soft lines with upgraded and modernized taillights and slightly higher position. The model is decorated with chromatic lines and plastic bumpers, mostly on the side of the car and on the roof.


2021 Honda CR V interior

The cabin in 2021 Honda CR-V is changed only in term of the size, while the design and look are almost the same as on previous models. The major change is in size, so the model has 39.2 cubic feet behind the rear seats and 76 cubic feet of over-all freight space.

It means that the cabin offers as much space for the passengers, the same size for the cargo, expanding the usage of the car for a little work and heavy-load work. There is great technology as well, mostly in phone connection and the manufacturer has still used the best materials in the class. The cabin retained the luxury and elegance that had before.


2021 Honda CR V rear

There are two engines that the manufacturer will use in 2021 Honda CR-V for sure. The base model should have 2.4-liter naturally aspirated that produces 185 horsepower. For those who like smaller but stronger engines, there should be 1.5-liter with 190 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque.

Average fuel consumption is almost the same, with 26/32 mpg. Both engines come with a CVT transmission, which increases the economy of the petrol engine. Old users and fans recognize both engines as commonly used in Honda cars and also used in previous CR-V models, so we have reasons to believe that something could be changed for future models in this field, too.

2021 Honda CR-V Release Date and Price

2021 Honda CR-V offers great features and surely represents an attractive model for the compact crossovers class. The releasing date should in the third quarter of the year or even later than that, while the redesigning of this version is not planned soon. The price should not be much higher than before, meaning that the base model could be around the $24,000 with optional increasing of the price with additional equipment.

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