2021 Honda Passport

2021 Honda Passport lights

There are rumors that 2021 Honda Passport could be a carryover model. It is not expected since it has always been a smaller version of the Honda Pilot. According to photos, although the manufacturer has covered it with thick protection on the photos, it will retain the same look and design.

You will see a literally smaller version of the Pilot, this time even smaller and shorter, with almost the same decoration and additions as on Pilot. However, there should not be significant changes in design, as well as in power and strength. It could be the model that the average family could drive and use.


  • The design of the vehicle is slightly modernized.
  • There is a modernized cabin with upgraded technology inside.


  • The engine is the same as the last few years.
  • The price is too high for this size and class of the vehicle.


2021 Honda Passport front

Since the test driving has passed with thick camouflage, we were not being able to see changes in design that will make a distinction between 2021 Honda Passport and previous models. More likely it will be the same model with only a few upgrades and changes. However, the model has visible differences from its older brother Pilot, and similarities with models in the class.

Buyers, interested in buying a Passport could be those who need something more modern and softener than Ford Edge, but with the same overall look and dimension. Bumpers are the most attractive, the front bumper with soft lines and rounded look, while the rear end is more like on larger models. In some point, you may feel that rear end makes the model closer to Toyota Highlander, mostly thanks to the cubic flat roof and trunk door.


2021 honda passport interior

Although there are no significant changes in the design and size of the cabin, the 2021 Honda Passport interior exudes elegance and comfort. Thanks to the larger space and high and flat roof it offers plenty of space for five tall passengers.

However, not only that the manufacturer has not changed the platform and size of the model, there is a little less space due to changes in the design of the seats. The interesting and modern dashboard offers commands for the new infotainment system. The manufacturer has not significantly changed the color of the materials, nor materials.


2021 Honda Passport side

There is only one possible engine that we know for in 2021 Honda Passport and that is a well-known model used in many crossovers before. It is a 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine. Proven as strong and trustworthy, it produces 282 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque.

The base model is matched with nine-speed automatic transmission and comes as a front-wheel driving system. However, you will be able to order all-wheel driving option as well, and in that case, you will get 5,000 pounds capacity instead of 3,500 pounds that base model has.

2021 Honda Passport Release Date and Price

The manufacturer has not precisely said when 2021 Honda Passport will be on the market. There is still in production next year model. However, the first options were showed on auto shows, so they are planning to start with the production soon. When it comes to the price, it could be the same as before for the base model and that is $33,000 while higher trims go up to $44,000.

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