2021 Honda Pilot

2021 Honda Pilot lights

At first glance, 2021 Honda Pilot does not offer anything particular that we have not seen until now. Not only that the model has always been among the average crossovers in the class, but it also has undergone significant changes in years before, with major redesign last year. That is why this model is almost unchanged and has upgrades only in details. It also does not mean that it is updated or boring as before.

As a matter of fact, last year redesign brought changes in the design of the exterior and significant upgrades in the cabin. This time, however, we are thrilled to see how the engine will be changed. There are rumors that the manufacturer could add a hybrid option to engine models that offer, but nothing has been confirmed by now.


  • The model is modern, attractive and acceptable unique for the class.
  • There is announced a hybrid engine for the future.


  • The cabin has not been significantly changed.
  • The equipment in the cabin is not competitive.


2021 Honda Pilot front

Although 2021 Honda Pilot comes as a continuation of the significantly redesigned model from the last year, there are few interesting details on the chassis worth of mentioning. The model still has its soft and modern look, along with upgrades in the design of the bumper.

There is wide air intake below it and redesigned lights. The rear end, however, seems recognizable, with rounded trunk door and almost the same lights as before. Luckily, there is a slightly sloped roof and high position of the chassis so future buyers will have a significantly higher model on the same platform and base.


2021 Honda Pilot interior

The cabin has also not been significantly changed from the last year model, but let us say that it was fully redesigned last year. It is still a large and very attractive cabin for seven passengers and acceptably wide space between rows. The best in 2021 Honda Pilot is its new infotainment system, with a new navigation system, air condition, and safety control. Unfortunately, some fans claim that it is still too weak and simple in comparison with the other models in the class. Maybe the new Cabin Control option could change that opinion.


2021 Honda Pilot side

2021 Honda Pilot runs on the same petrol engine, that we were able to see on models in class before. It is 3.5-liter V6 matched with six-speed in the base model and nine-speed automatic transmission as optional. Putting the model close to the Toyota RAV4 or Toyota Highlander, we are sure that it could be highly competitive in the class.

Finally, the engine has proven as economical, since average fuel consumption is around 27 mpg. If you have decided to have an all-wheel driving system, you will face with the slightly less economical engine. However, the main change in this model will be a hybrid engine, but the manufacturer has not promised anything about it yet.

2021 Honda Pilot Release Date and Price

Regardless of the obvious continuation of the last year model, 2021 Honda Pilot is still competitive and acceptable for the middle SUV class. There could be found a few attractive changes and details, but taking all in mind, it is more than an attractive model for the future. The price is also acceptable, so the base model should cost $30,000 with expected increases in price in accordance with the equipment.

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