2021 Hummer H2

2021 Hummer H2

The Hummer brand has been discontinued almost a decade ago but that doesn’t mean it won’t come back in the future. The latest reports are suggesting this could happen already in a year or two, as many car experts are anticipating 2021 Hummer H2, with a little bit different design than before. The latest version, H3, was a total disaster. On the other side, the H2 seems like a better option than the original H1 models, as it delivers a more balanced ride, good both on and off the road.


  • Famous Humvee-inspired styling
  • Plenty of power
  • Strong off-road performances


  • Claustrophobic cabin
  • Still just a rumor


2021-Hummer-H2 Exterior

In terms of exterior design, there is no space for surprises. GM definitely needs a traditional SUV on the market, to compete with Wrangler, as well as the upcoming, revived Ford Bronco.

Therefore, the 2021 Hummer H2 should play an important role in this segment, as it offers not just attractive styling, but strong off-road capabilities as well. We presume that the original H2 will serve as the basis in terms of aesthetics, but we also expect a lot of modern touch, which would make it more up to date.


2021 Hummer H2 Interior

The cabin has always been the weakest point of Hummer models. Although a pretty large SUV, this model features a pretty claustrophobic cabin, with small glass surfaces and extremely poor visibility.

Therefore, we count on significant improvements in the new 2021 Hummer H2. Besides better visibility, we also count on significantly improved interior quality, as previous models were all about low-rent materials. Finally, we expect loads of new tech features, particularly in terms of infotainment technologies and advanced safety systems.


2021 Hummer H2 Engine

They may be the most interesting part of the new 2021 Hummer H2. If we can rely on the latest reports, it looks like the new model will go all-electric. The new model will come will electric powertrain. It won’t be the first time to see such Hummer, as the Austrian company called Kreisel Electric came up with all-electric H1, which features more than 480 horsepower, 100-kWh battery pack and a max range of almost 200 miles.

We may presume that the 2021 Hummer H2 would come similarly. We still don’t know the exact numbers, but various reports suggest a so-called skateboard layout, which means that the battery will be positioned under the floor, under the first and second row of seats.

2021 Hummer H2 Release Date and Price

The 2021 Hummer H2 is still just speculation, so take this article with a big reserve. At this point, we are still waiting to hear something from the officials. Therefore, it seems useless to make some estimation about release date and price. More details should be known in the future.

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