2021 Mazda RX-8

2021 Mazda RX-8

After so many changes that the manufacturer has brought, 2021 Mazda RX-8 comes as funny and unexpected refreshments. It has been a very popular model in the past, but since the last model was released in 2012 nothing happened with it since now.

It is funny since there are so many changes that the manufacturer has made in other sporty models, that RX-8 looks like the old model and has almost the same features. However, we expect that those will be changed later.


  • The model is made to follow high market demands.
  • There is a great engine that should be made in the future.


  • There are no changes from the old model made seven years before.
  • The model runs on the old glory and expectations.


2021 Mazda RX-8 front

Although there are no many changes in the design of the 2021 Mazda RX-8 it is still a very attractive sporty sedan. One of those that look like Audi A8 or Honda Civic. However, the manufacturer has tested the model covered with the camouflage, so we expect that there are visible changes in design. It is for sure that the model will be closer to the old-fashioned sporty cars, with upgrades in details and bumpers. Old buyers will surely recognize similarities with the model made in 2012.


2021 Mazda RX-8 interior

The cabin inside of 2021 Mazda RX-8 is, like the rest of the car, inherited from the model made seven years before. The design is not far away from the models in this class, and there are no high expectations at this moment, either. However, the manufacturer has followed the expectations, and upgraded technology, adding applications for the mobile connections, like in other models made in the past few years. The changes are expected for the models that will be made later.


The engine in 2021 Mazda RX-8 is not that strange and interesting itself, as the engines that could come in the future. The current 1.6-liter petrol model has around 180 horsepower (they have promised improvements from the model made in 2012) and surely great fuel economy. It is made in the famous rotary engine’s technology that calculated so many earnings in the US in the past few years.

However, the future engine could be even better. The manufacturer has promised that every model made in this factory will be driven by hybrid or fully electric engine.

2021 Mazda RX-8 Release Date and Price

2021 Mazda RX-8 surely does not bring so many changes and differences from the competition, but those details that this model has been great individually. We expect that the manufacturer will know how to upgrade it and change important parts in order to be more competitive for the class.

After all, we see this sporty and once a famous model again after almost 7 years of waiting. So, be patient and gentle when it finally comes out. It is for sure that the price of $25,000 and features will please even the most demanded buyers.

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