2021 Subaru Legacy

2021 Subaru Legacy

We do not expect much from 2021 Subaru Legacy this year. The last year was the year of change for this model since they make redesign every five years (and every fourth year offer a mid-cycle refreshment).

Both have gone soon so that this year, Legacy could have only a few changes and updates. That is the reason why we have not found many changes from the last model, and this Legacy’s features are those we saw last year.


  • The model was upgraded last year, but still very attractive and great for driving.
  • There is a stronger engine under the hood.


  • The model has not the beautiful design of the cabin.
  • There are no changes in design.


2021 Subaru Legacy Exterior

Since 2021 Subaru Legacy is not significantly changed, we describe the model from the last year. Speaking about which, it was modernly and very attractively designed, made to follow the best models in the class. New materials provide stability and better controlling when driving and also improving quietness in the cabin and comfort driving.

Thanks to the higher trunk position, the model has a more aerodynamic look and advanced, dynamic design for the new generation of the buyers. They will be able to choose between basic models and sophisticated trims like New Touring trim.


2021 Subaru Legacy Interior

When it comes to the cabin in 2021 Subaru Legacy, it is not that pretty and luxury, as we love to see in models from this series. Buttons and dashboard are maybe a little too old-fashioned, with cubic shapes and sharp edges. However, the best inside is technology, that manufacturer improved last year.

It includes Driver Focus Distraction Mitigation System, fully enhanced for this year’s model. Besides that, the manufacturer has improved the comfort and stability, decreasing the noise and movements of the passengers. There are also the best materials in the class.



Although last year’s model got a 2.5-liter BOXER petrol engine, it is not entirely new for this class. Before 2021 Subaru Legacy and previous year’s model, the same had Subaru Forester. It has proven as trustworthy and useful, with high strength and practicality.

As if that was not enough, they have made a higher trim version, called XT, that will have a 2.4-liter turbocharged BOXER model that produces 260 horsepower. It is impressively more top than 182 power of the basic model. Maybe thanks to the strength, and perhaps just because of the CVT automatic transmission, the basic model engine could increase the speed of 60 mph for 6.1 seconds.

2021 Subaru Legacy Release Date and Price

With slight upgrades and details in the design, 2021 Subaru Legacy is almost the same as last year’s model. It affected the price, so it should cost around $30,000 like last year. When it comes to releasing, it should be very soon. Again, there are no reasons to delay something that happens naturally.

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