2021 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck

2021 Tesla electric pickup truck lights

It has been a while when Elon Musk announced that 2021 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck is on the way. He said that in 2016 and has not shared a lot of information since then. However, they have worked on the new electric truck carefully, and we have a completely new model of this vehicle on the market.

The question is why would anybody want a fully electric truck? Although there are very attractive and practical models with hybrid powertrains on the market, people always look for more useful vehicles. When it comes to the Tesla electric vehicles, it will surely be economical, fast and well-designed. Even the price is not that high as we expected in the first place.


  • The model is large and massive with extremely high towing capacity.
  • The price is highly acceptable for the class.


  • The electric engine does not provide more strength that competition.
  • The cabin has not extremely large as we expected.


2021 Tesla electric pickup truck front

There are no similarities between 2021 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck and other models on the market in design. The model is truly large and massive but a little bit too sculpted and handsome. The front end looks even more like front bumpers on sporty cars than on large trucks.

However, the short and rounded front end allows the larger rear end and trunk, providing the great design of the whole truck. The model is higher than is common in this world and protected with a metallic sheet on the bottoms. The windows are framed with a chromatic line. At the end of the flat and long trunk is well-designed tailings similar to the modern sporty cars.


2021 Tesla electric pickup truck interior

There are no clearly visible photos of the cabin that is inside of 2021 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck so we cannot precisely say how it should look like. However, there are no reasons to avoid very attractive and popular cabins in other Tesla models, like in Tesla X, since it is completely acceptable for truck, too. There should be an extremely large touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard with needed commands.

It is also obvious that the cabin, already large and comfortable could be even larger thanks to the folding of the back seats. They promise large space between seats for the passengers as well as very attractive high-technology. However, we have not seen futuristic cabins as on electric cars before. It is more like average trucks’ cabins.


2021 Tesla electric pickup truck rear

2021 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck is made to compete with electric cars in the class. However, the engine that it uses is averagely strong and durable. It should produce 417 horsepower and 485 pound-feet of torque. The speed of 60 mph increases for 4.8 seconds. There should be stronger version, called 90D with 532 horsepower and 713 pound-feet of torque. His increasing time is only 3.2 seconds. It is capable of driving 160 miles per charges, which is in the class with Rivian R1T. Furthermore, the truck could be able to tow 7,000 weight.

2021 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck Release Date and Price

When finally comes out, 2021 Tesla Electric Pickup Truck will cost $50,000. It is almost an average price for the class, and surely competitive with the models that are driven on petrol engines. However, the final releasing date of this truck is not known yet, so we must wait to the end of the year for more information.

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