2021 Toyota Camry

2021 Toyota Camry

It sounds weird, but 2021 Toyota Camry comes almost unchanged after years of the existence with the same design and equipment. It is known why the manufacturer still has not changed the model although competition has already done that while ago.

Even the technology in the cabin and equipment has not been changed for a long time. Luckily, there are few changes in the design and chassis, which, along with the impressive changes in the engine strength should be acceptably impressive for old fans.


  • The model comes as a futuristic and modern sedan with great details.
  • The price is more than favorable for the class.


  • There are no changes in design or equipment for a long time.
  • There are no changes in the cabin, either.


2021 Toyota Camry rear

Although 2021 Toyota Camry runs on the same design and platform, it is for sure that there will be versions with the lightweight parts and better suspension. It will make the model lighter and better in driving. The model has not been significantly changed for a while,

but still has futuristic details that are attractive more than boring grille on Honda Accord, for example. The rear end is impressive and strong, with modernized taillight and bumper.


2021 Toyota Camry interior

Although the manufacturer has not changed the cabin in 2021 Toyota Camry, you will still be able to choose great additions and equipment, depending on the trim version that you order. There could be found 8-inch touchscreen with an upgraded infotainment system, keyless ignition, blind spot cameras and more.


There are no official announcements about the changes in the engines, so we expect that 2021 Toyota Camry will run on the same powertrains as before. The base model has a 2.5-liter four-cylinder system that is provenly strong but efficient for this class of cars. With 203 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque, it promises strength and speed along with the acceptable fuel economy.

On the other hand, Toyota will disappoint faithful buyers if skip to put 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine like Toyota Corolla has or even the SUVs made in this factory like Toyota Highlander. When it comes to the hybrid model, it should be paired with the 2.5-liter petrol base and an additional 208 horsepower made in an electric motor. The most appealing for the new buyers should be 50 mpg of fuel economy.

2021 Toyota Camry side

2021 Toyota Camry Release Date and Price

Not only that the manufacturer will please us with the few interesting changes, but the price should be literally the same as before. So, expect that the base model will cost around $23,000 while the higher trims should go over the $30,000. Whatever happens, new Camry will surely be one of the most attractive and favorable sedans on the market, as it always has been so far.

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