2021 Toyota Corolla

2021 Toyota Corolla

2021 Toyota Corolla, according to the manufacturer, follows the last year model, according to the manufacturer. There are no much changes in design and cabin equipment, as well as under the hood. However, for us who know what this car offers, it is not surprising at all. It is a small, economical, but fast car, with an acceptably strong engine and great fuel economy.

The design is simple but unique, and the cabin offers great equipment and high-technology. For average buyers, it is way above the common models in the class. As the cherry on the top, the car has a very attractive price which has not been changed for years.


  • The model is modern and attractive and offers great equipment for a favorable price.
  • There is an economical and efficient engine under the hood.


  • The model has no changes for a long time.
  • The car is small for large families.


2021 Toyota Corolla Exterior

The manufacturer has decided to remain the same look and design of 2021 Toyota Corolla this year again. It means that the car will still compete with Honda Civic in size and overall look, but not in functionality and attractiveness.

There is a short but rounded front end with recognizable rhomboidal grille and modernized front lights. Trim versions differ from each other mostly by location and appearance of the details, like lights and bumpers. The hatchback is more attractive for younger buyers, although they are not that attractive for families.


2021 Toyota Corolla Interior

It is hard to expect largeness in the cabin of 2021 Toyota Corolla when the car is so small and short. However, the cabin is highly comfortable, thanks to the great design and modernity. The manufacturer has made an effort to put the best equipment and the last Safety Sense Toyota system for the small price that model has.


2021 Toyota Corolla Engine

Like everything else in 2021 Toyota Corolla, even the engine has not been changed this time. The base model has a 1.8-liter petrol unit that produces 184 horsepower.

Higher trims get the same engine, but with the slightly stronger option, like 190 horsepower or for few horses more. However, the extremely favorable fuel economy of 40 mph is more than acceptable for this size of the car and surely puts the car on the list of the cheap and economical small cars.

2021 Toyota Corolla Release Date and Price

As we concerned, the manufacturer will not change the new 2021 Toyota Corolla from the old model. The price should be the same accordingly. So, expect that the base model starts with the price of $19,900, slightly upgraded models and hatchback version should have the price of $21,000 to $22,000 while the highest trim and most expensive version could cost around $24,000.

The final releasing date is not known by now, but we expect that it could be in the middle of the next year.

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